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What is the Suitable Age of a Child to Have Rag Dolls?

What’s the right age of the child before she can have rag dolls? Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to it. Each child is different. To help you decide, you should understand your child’s different development stages.

rag dolls

Age to Have Her First Doll

There is no right or wrong age for having the first doll. Many dolls on the market are available. The only thing to remember is the reason you want to get a rag doll.

Some people would give kids a doll to help with their development. Others, however, would purchase a doll as this toy reminds them of when they were younger.

How Can a Doll Help with Child’s Development Stage?

The first 12 months of a child are vital. You may give your child a doll that can help her interact with all her senses. Thus, rag dolls that come with different textures or that are soft and cuddly can be great.

After years one and two, kids become fascinated with cause and effect. Thus, rag dolls are still ideal to help in their proper development. However, the vital thing here is not the type of rag doll you purchase but how your child plays with it.

Allow your child to play with her doll while you sing a song, like “Heads, shoulders…” It is a nice song that lets you show your kid where the head, shoulder, knees, and toes are situated.

Some mothers also use rag dolls to teach their kids potty training. That is, if the doll needs new pants, the child gets too. And if the doll has to go to the toilet, the child should have to go too.

As your child turns two or three, rag dolls can still have a purpose. At this age, your child is now mastering her motor skills. She watches her world and imitates the actions of some people through pretend play. That’s why you frequently see her talking to her rag dolls, push the dolls in chairs, etc.

When she turns four, it is the time when she develops into her own little person. She will start imagining that she is someone else and project it onto her dolls.

She will begin to enjoy dress up games. She can pretend to be a singer and make her “Beautiful Spanish Singing Latina Doll” to be her back up singer.

As your child reaches six or seven years, she is developing her own interests. It is the perfect age for her to style her dolls.

Our rag dolls here can be styled. Its clothes are removable as well.

It is also time for your child to learn a new language, like Spanish. The “Cute Spanish Singing Latina Doll” can teach your child some Spanish. How? This rag doll can sing five different songs in Spanish. Your child can learn Spanish as she sings along with her rag doll.

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