rag dolls for sale

Soft and Cuddly Rag Dolls – Great Alternatives to Porcelain Collectibles


Most kids love dolls. The rag dolls for sale here are made to be cuddly so any kids can play with them. They are not only soft but they are also safe to be hugged.  Thanks to their perfectly sewn dresses. And if you put them in your child’s nursery, they can surely enhance the room’s decor.  Many mothers purchase our rag dolls as an alternative to getting porcelain collectibles or soft baby toys. What’s more, is that they are not only designed to be collected. But they are also made for learning.

Encourage Her to be a Ballerina

We have a ballerina rag doll in our collection. If your baby loves to watch ballet dancing on TV, then encourage her to become a ballerina.  This soft rag doll is wearing lace-up ballet slippers. It can be the top performer in your baby girl’s doll collection. Most of our rag dolls for sale here are in limited quantities. Thus, they make them a unique gift.  These dolls are durable enough that your baby can keep throughout her adulthood. Most kids form an attachment to their toys. In this case, their rag dolls. And that attachment remains throughout their lifetime.

rag dolls for sale

Loved by Most Kids

Rag dolls started to be sold on the market in the 1850s. They are not a sophisticated toy. However, most kids loved them.  The majority of the kids consider their rag dolls as their first toy. And some adults are collecting these dolls as their hobby.

Great Collection of Soft Dolls

We, at Rag Dolls and Plush toys, offer a great collection of soft dolls. Our dolls are designed to have different eye colors and hair colors, as well as ethnicities. In that way, you can easily find a doll that is ideal for your recipient.

Start Ordering Rag Dolls

It is easy to order our rag dolls. Simply, browse our collection, add the rag doll to the cart and pay. You can have it shipped to your address or directly to your recipient’s address. If you have any questions, make sure to give us a call at (626) 755-1445.