Cool Rag Doll Kids Wearing Pink and Blue

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Cool Rag Doll Kids Wearing Pink and Blue love having fun. Whether its birthdays, beach days or silly Saturdays, this sweet couple love to play and be around warm and cuddly kids all day long. Maya is the coolest and everyone’s favorite. With her pink polka dot skirt and matching ensemble, this soft doll is a real fashion diva. Take her out to play to meet all of your friends. Maya’s best friend Scooter is the handsomest hunk with all the swagger. With his blue jeans and striped shirt, Scooter is the one to hold on to. These contemporary 16″ handmade rag dolls will find there way to your child’s heart and provide them with loads of fun at playtime. Don’t let these soft cloth dolls for girls or boys get away. Supplies are limited. Order your set today!