Cheerleader Rag Doll Wearing Red Outfit


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This 16″ tall Cheerleader Rag Doll Wearing Red Outfit is dressed in a beautiful sleeveless red and white cheerleader sport dress and is carrying matching red and white pom poms. Her outfit is complete with matching booties and an adorable red hair bow.  If your daughter is still in high school or middle school and just made the cheer leading squad, she would love to receive this cheerleader doll as a gift to congratulate her for her achievement. All the girls will giggle when your daughter shows off her rag doll to her friends and team mates. Whether she is practicing her shoulder stands or pyramids for competition, or maybe even on her way to the nationals, she will always remember you as the one who gave her this doll. If your daughter is in college, what a fun way to show her how much you care. Imagine her surprise when she opens her doll. So whether you’re from Wisconsin, Nebraska, or another great school, this adorable cheerleader rag doll will be just the right gift for your daughter’s dorm room. This pig tailed beauty is sure to entertain all of her biggest fans on game day.