Essential Baby Shower Gifts

Essential Baby Shower Gifts for New Parents

The baby shower is a traditional way to celebrate a new baby, and also to prepare the mother for the impending birth of her child. If the happy couple is first time parents, then they may not have thought of all the essentials to help them get to the first weeks, months and year of the baby’s life. If you are wondering what to get am essential baby shower gifts, then there are a number of options that may suit the new parents.

Essential Baby Shower Gifts

Getting Baby Bed Gifts

The parents may have bought rooms full of diapers and baby clothes, but they may have fallen a little short on blankets and bedding. Obviously, little babies get through a great deal of both nappies and clothes, but they can also make bedding dirty as soon as they touch it, meaning that new parents will need a lot of sheets and other items. A baby blanket will always be a great gift for new parents, as it is something that they can wrap up their baby and from the very start, and is very gentle and nurturing. Even if you aren’t up to making the blanket yourself, then you could add little details such as initials or baby related items onto the blanket in order to personalize it.

Plush Toys

You might not think of giving a new baby much more than a cuddly teddy bear, but there are new types of baby shower gifts that you can make use of when you are planning the types of gifts you want to give. For example, rather than choosing a very hard baby rattle, you could choose a plush toy which makes a noise when the baby shakes it. This can amuse the baby and also give it something soft and cuddly to fall asleep with.

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